As Iraq opens its doors to companies from all over the world, pharmaceutical and medical supply companies have not been slow to position themselves in the Iraqi market. This has led to greater competitiveness in the medical sector. Lazurde Co. understood this factor from the very beginning and has maintained its position as a leading supplier of pharmaceutical products. Lazurde Co. has a dedicated and experienced marketing team. For each pharmaceutical company we register, we allocate a number of sales representatives and pharmacists to promote sales and introduce the company to Iraqi market.


Lazurde Co. has extensive warehouse facilities that cover all regions of Iraq:

-A. Northern Iraq – Erbil

-B. Mid-Western Iraq – Mosul

-C. Central and Southern Iraq – Baghdad

All our warehouse facilities comply with National regulations and requirements.


At Lazurde Co. we believe in a door to door delivery service. We deliver the right products to our customers at the right time. Lazurde Co. Currently employ sixty personnel in the operation group to make sure all the the needs of our customers are addressed. We have an extensive range of transportation options, including catering for products requiring refrigeration facilities.